Local Esthetician/Skin Care Specialist Earns Certification, Extends Spa Treatments to Those with Cancer

Pembroke Pines, FL (August 1, 2014) – Pembroke Pines-based esthetician/skin care specialist Lisa Schwartz completes certification in Oncology Esthetics® and expands practice to serve individuals with, or recovering from, cancer.

The certification, earned through Oncology Esthetics® training facilitated by Touch For Cancer, prepares professional estheticians to provide safe, personalized spa treatments to individuals with health-challenged skin.

Local Esthetician/Skin Care Specialist Earns Certification, Extends Spa Treatments to Those with Cancer

Through Touch For Cancer, Schwartz underwent extensive training in understanding how cancer and therapy treatments affect the body at the dermal and lymphatic level. The program explored the side effects of cancer therapies, how those are further compounded by various medications and the importance of proper sanitation to support weakened immune systems. Certification also required Schwartz learn how to personalize each treatment with effective protocols using skin care products with non-carcinogenic skin care ingredients.

Beyond keeping my practice on the cutting-edge, this certification will allow me to safely serve a very deserving, base of individuals going through various treatments for cancer with health challenged and compromised skin,” Lisa Schwartz said. “My number one goal is to always care for my clients through the power of the esthetic touch coupled with compassion. I will always provide a safe, comforting escape for individuals battling cancer.”

“Estheticians work with the largest organ on the human body – the skin,” said Morag Currin, founder of Touch for Cancer. “Understanding how to safely and effectively treat the skin, particularly when it is challenged by cancer is paramount to the psychological and physical care of the client.”

Schwartz will offer the specialized treatments at In the Clouds Day Spa located at 9021 Taft, Hollywood, FL 33024 beginning August 1, 2014. The treatments will use Dr. Spiller Pure Organic Skin Care along with PCA Skin®, which are free of fragrances, parabens, sulfates and phthalates – formulated specifically for individuals with compromised skin.

About Touch For Cancer

Touch For Cancer’s Oncology Esthetics® training prepares licensed estheticians/skin care specialists to provide comfort and relief during esthetic therapy treatments for clients undergoing treatment for, or recovering from, cancer. Through the specialized training, estheticians/skin care specialists gain a deep understanding of the effects of cancer on the body and how best to accommodate those clients in the spa setting.

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