Mud Wrap body wrap in south florida

Dead Sea Mud is a valuable clay from the Dead Sea in Israel. The sea itself is very popular as a healing place for all kinds of respiratory problems and skin skin disorders/diseases.

The Dead Sea magic comes from its high concentration of 26 minerals that are ESSENTIAL for healthy skin function. Potassium chloride, iodine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and bromine compounds to name a few.

Why is it so therapeutic for our skin?

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? With this fact in mind, the high mineral content of the mud allows skin to stay naturally hydrated and moisturized while increasing oxygen flow to skin cells.

Dead Sea mineral mud is known for its anti-aging benefits. These natural ingredients cleanse, exfoliate, disinfect, revive, purify, and tone the skin, allowing for the maintenance of the skins natural moisture levels.

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Dead Sea Mud and Sea Salts
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Mud from the Dead Sea helps to cure skin disorders through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the skin.

Dead Sea mud salts also help with such diseases as arthritis, muscle stiffness, itching skin and pain as well as with psoriasis, acne, blackheads, inflammations of joints, eczema and athletes foot.

How does the mud work?

As the mud dries it pulls out toxins and pollutants, removing impurities deep from within the pores. The mud gently peels away dead skin cells to purify the skin, revealing a younger, healthier skin that glows!

Body Wrap South Florida

When excess toxins and water are secreted from your body, there is a natural slimming effect that occurs as well! Yes! A body wrap with the Dead Sea Mud is great for getting rid of unwanted toxins and excess water that keep us feeling heavier and looking puffy.

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