Our Body Sculpting Treatments

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$ 150

Sound waves excite the fat cells causing them to rub together which releases triglycerides that are removed as waste. Includes Ultracavitation, Laser Lipo, and Radio Frequency Vacuum.

Radio Frequency
$ 50

Skin tightening using LED lights and electro magnetic waves

Ocean Dream Body Wrap
$ 150

Jump into the clouds with a Body wrap that includes entire body exfoliation, warm mud body wrap, heating treatment, and body rub down with Moroccan oil body soufflé. Purpose is for detoxification, hydration, water retention, and slimming.

Work Wonders on Your Body!

Our Treatment Packages

  • Cavitation & RF Series (3 Treatments)
  • $ 375
    3 Treatments
    • Save $75 on 3 treatments of our Cavitation & RF Treatments!
  • Cavitation & RF Series (3 Treatments)
  • $ 725
    6 Treatments
    • Save $175 on 6 treatments of our Cavitation & RF Treatments!