Skin Peels

Let’s first start with the results. What skin problems do they treat?

1. Hyperpigmentation
2. Fines lines and wrinkles
3. Rosacea
4. Acne
5. Sensitive skin
6. Oily skin
7. Dehydrated skin
8. Photo damage from the sun
9. Uneven surface texture
10. Laxity/elasticity

Many people have misconceptions about skin peels. For years, skin peels have been commonly known as “chemical peels”. The word “chemical” has often caused many people to shy away from a peel treatment for the variety of skin disorders men and women suffer from today.

Are skin peels formulated from acid? The answer is yes, but today’s peels are custom blended using 4-5 different acids, some of which are naturally occur in our bodies! By using a blend of acids, the art of achieving healthy, radiant, and younger looking skin can be achieved.

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