Pembroke Pines, FL (August 1, 2014) – Pembroke Pines-based esthetician/skin care specialist Lisa Schwartz completes certification in Oncology Esthetics® and expands practice to serve individuals with, or recovering from, cancer.

The certification, earned through Oncology Esthetics® training facilitated by Touch For Cancer, prepares professional estheticians to provide safe, personalized spa treatments to individuals with health-challenged skin.

In the clouds…….its where my dad always said I lived. Sometimes he would say come down out of the sky little girl, you’re dreaming again. I will never forget those words or anything else he always told me. My dad was my hero, my knight in shining armor, my rock. The hole that was created when he left this earth can never be filled, but I am at peace knowing he watches over me from the sky above…..even higher than the clouds. Every now and then, when I least expect it, I feel a gentle, magical breeze, and I know my angel is flying by. Hello, my name is Lisa M. Schwartz and I am the CEO and Founder of In The Clouds Day Spa. A place where your escape from reality awaits you and a cloud trip is always ready to launch!

As we come to the end of breast cancer awareness month, I wanted to touch on one of the most important issues women face when going through treatment and that is the way they look and feel.

Having watched my mother during treatment for breast cancer, and subsequently have a double mastectomy with a host of complications, I've seen first hand how this disease can impact a woman's self image. Women who are facing and on this journey, have a million things on their mind. They wonder and worry that everything is going to be ok, and they think about the important people in their life. Often, talking about their experience past and current, improves their mental and emotional state.

Let's first start with the results. What skin problems do they treat? 1. Hyperpigmentation 2. Fines lines and wrinkles 3. Rosacea 4. Acne 5. Sensitive skin 6. Oily skin 7. Dehydrated skin 8. Photo damage from the sun 9. Uneven surface texture 10. Laxity/elasticity Many people have misconceptions about skin peels. For years, skin peels have been commonly known as "chemical peels". The word "chemical" has often caused many people to shy away from a peel treatment for the variety of skin disorders men and women suffer from today.